From fleas to stardom

I’ve made it to LA from this awful barn in the middle of nowhere, full of fleas and with a parasite, but ready to take on the world.

It wasn’t easy getting here. I got lucky if I’m honest. This French chick was trying to adopt from a shelter but long story short, she ended up rescuing me instead.

I can’t say that the vet visits were very pleasant, neither were the daily Dawn baths with flea combing sessions, but I went through it and came back on the other side with the softest fur in the world and killing green eyes.

No, really, I love to kill. Especially soft toys. But I’ll kill anything else that moves too, except my friends:

Hunter the main coon, he’s funny this one, so big!

Yikes the Lab, always in a good mood this one.

Goldie, she’s some sort of Pitbull mix, sweet and easy to control, I can get her to do anything I want.

Romeo, another Pitbull, this one is sweet too but a bit sensitive. Sorry Romeo, I didn’t mean to make you cry.

And of course my favorite: Lela the Maltipoo. She’s so small, she’s still a baby. I’m big now, nearly 12 months old, so I have to take care of her like a father. If I’m honest, I’m not the nicest, I slap her (soft paws of course) whenever she does something wrong. But we have to educate the youth! If I let her do anything she wants, what kind of dog will she become? My mommy thinks I’m a little hard on her, but she’ll see, I’m a good father and friend.

Anyway, now I’m settled, in the city of angels, surrounded by friends and with an actress mom who will show me the ropes.

I am ready for stardom. LA here I am!



“The successful warrior is the average cat, with laser-like focus.”

— Bruce Lee (sort of)